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The Academy of Personalized Learning is a Kindergarten through 12th grade public charter school located in Redding, California. We serve students throughout Shasta County, and the surrounding contiguous counties, through a unique learning program.

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The Academy of Personalized Learning
Kindergarten through 12th grade public charter school

Welcome to our website: the Academy of Personalized Learning is organized by parents, community members, and educators as a K-12 California Charter Public School serving families in Shasta County. The mission of the Academy of Personalized Learning is to provide a variety of innovative teaching methods and opportunities for teachers, parents, pupils, and community members to improve pupil learning.

Phoenix Charter Academy Petition Approved:

The Whitmore Unified Joint Elementary School District (WUJESD) approved our charter petition at their board meeting on June 13. With the advent of the 2017-18 school year we will become a new charter school, Phoenix Charter Academy (PCA).  We are very excited about our future prospects as we partner with the Whitmore school and community. We will remain at our current resource center with many of the same great programs as we move forward.  We will continue to develop and grow our program and offerings so that we can serve our students in the best means possible. We also look forward to participating in community events with Whitmore.

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APL Application for the 2016-2017 School Year:
This document is the application form for attendance at APL: APL Application.

PCA Orientations:
PCA is accepting new students for the 2017/18 school year. The last orientation session for interested families before summer will be held June 21 at 5 pm at APL, 2195 Larkspur Lane. Fall orientations will begin August 9 at 5 pm and continue weekly on Wednesdays. If you have friends or family looking at school options, please consider suggesting us!

Graduation Photos Available for Viewing at these links:

APL Middle School - Graduation Class of 2017

APL High School - Graduation Class of 2017

Personalized Learning: With the dramatic changes over the past century in our student populations, communication tools, access to information, knowledge of how and why students learn, curriculum options, and technology. Why are we still teaching the vast majority of students in the same obsolete, one-size-fits-all, factory assembly-line classroom-based model developed over a century ago?

Personalized Learning charter schools support each child's educational journey as a unique path of growth, adventure, and discovery. To find out more about Personalized Learning go to: www.personalizedlearning.org.

2017-2018 School Year Calendar (Draft)


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2014-2015 SARC Report - Published During the 2015-2016 School Year

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