APL Library Circulation Policy
Lending periods, overdues, renewals, etc.
All students, teachers and staff members are patrons of the Academy of Personalized Learning School Library, and may check out any available materials. Parents and teachers may choose and check out materials on behalf of a student, using that student’s name and ID number.

All of the following materials can be checked out for the lending periods specified below with one renewal allowed, except where noted:

Type of Material Length of Loan Period
Curriculum Materials (textbooks, etc.) 1 school year
Dictionaries 1 school year
Maps, Posters, Prints 1 school year
Manipulatives 1 school year
Equipment 1 school year
Educational CD-ROMS 1 school year
Books 30 days
Audio Tapes/Books on Tape/CD 60 days
Videocassettes/DVD 60 days
Teacher Loan (any material) 1 school year

This will allow for greater availability of materials for all students to use.
Renewals are only allowed if there is not a hold or reserve placed upon the item.


1. When materials are not returned by the due date, the student/parents will be contacted either directly or by library notice. After one week, teacher cooperation will be requested. If materials are still unreturned, the parent will again be contacted either by note or by phone. Bilingual forms can be used when necessary. No overdue fines will be charged.

2. Until materials designated as overdue, lost or damaged are returned, replaced or paid for, no other non-curriculum materials may be checked out for home use.

3. Materials can be returned by dropping them into the return materials bin at the school library. If this is not possible, the Personalized Learning Teacher can collect returned materials. These materials MUST be returned to the library before being distributed to another student.

4. Sometimes there are factors beyond the control of the student of which library personnel may be unaware. Communication with school librarian will, in most cases, resolve the issue. In some cases, it may be possible for a student to replace the item (e.g. a paperback book) or to work off the cost.


All items may be renewed with the exception of all audio/video materials as long as there is not a hold placed on that item.


All materials may be placed on reserve and/or hold. Patrons need to be aware that some materials may be checked out for entire school year, so it may not become available in a reasonable amount of time. See lending periods above.


Many of the items in our library are bound by copyright laws and must not be copied. This includes audio and video cassettes or DVDs, CD-ROMs, and most workbooks.