Graduation Requirements
Minimum graduation requirements and graduation requirement planner
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The Academy of Personalized Learning’s graduation requirements require that students complete a minimum of 230 high school credits, with a minimum number of credits completed within the various subject areas. Students, teachers, and parents should first determine their goals and plan courses accordingly. Below are two examples of course schedules - one schedule fulfills APL minimum requirements while the other is a minimum requirements schedule for University of California or California State University requirements.

Students may want to pursue a vocational path, in which case they would incorporate electives that are in their field of interest, Regional Occupational Program (ROP) courses, Career Experience, etc.

From tenth grade on, students are encouraged to begin taking college courses concurrently with their high school courses either to fulfill high school graduation requirements or elective credits. The following are possible course schedules throughout the student's high school years:

High School Subject
Minimum Graduation Requirement

English/Language Arts 40 credits - 4 years
World History 10 credits - 1 year
U.S. History 10 credits - 1 year
Government 5 credits - 1 semester
Economics 5 credits - 1 semester
Mathematics (must include one year of Algebra) 30 credits - 3 years
Life Science 10 credits - 1 year
Physical Science 10 credits - 1 year
Humanities (Foreign Language and/or Visual/Performing Arts) 10 credits – 1 years
Physical Education 20 credits - 2 years
Health 2.5 credits – 1/2 semester
Technology/Vocational Skills/Life Skills 10 credits - 1 year
Electives 67.5 credits
Total High School Credits 230

Please click the following link to print a graduation requirement planner:
Graduation Requirements