Shasta College Courses
For SPL students interested in Shasta College courses
Here are the basics if you're considering Shasta College courses during high school

Many APL high school students incorporate carefully chosen courses at Shasta College as part of their high school coursework. Be sure to talk with your APL teacher if you would like to explore this option.


+ APL teacher must give approval and the course(s) must further the students' academic goals.

+ Students are in grade 10 or higher and are in good academic standing.

+ Students take one course their first eligible semester.

+ APL will pay for up to six Shasta College units per semester.

+ APL will not pay for textbooks, parking, health center or other campus-related fees.

+ Your APL teacher will explain the step-by-step procedures required for participation.

Shasta College Units to High School Credits Conversion:

1 unit = 2.5 credits
2 units = 5 credits
3 units = 10 credits
4 units = 12.5 credits
5 units = 15 credits

For more information about current courses offered at Shasta College, visit the Shasta College website at:

For Shasta College and Cerro Coso students - this book rental site may be helpful: