Vendor Courses
Vendor course instructors and VEP guidelines
For information only. APL Teacher has more detailed information about specific vendor course instructors and parents must submit request for VEP courses to their teacher of record, unless the parent will pay for the course in full.

2015-2016 Vendor List

Vendor Course Instruction Participation Guidelines:

Please read carefully and ask your APL teacher if you have any questions:

Dear APL Parents and Students,

APL is very pleased to be able to offer Vendor Course Instruction to your children. In order to provide this program to all students, we ask that you carefully review the following guidelines and requirements for participation in APL VEP courses. These provisions are designed to ensure that everyone has the same understanding of what is being offered to APL students, how participation in the program works, and clarifies parent and student responsibilities for continued participation. Please direct any questions regarding the VEP program to your APL teacher, who will be happy to assist you with this program.

1. Each APL student may elect to participate in one course offered by our contracted VEP instructors. All APL teachers have a list of approved VEP courses and will discuss these 0pportunities with you and your child. The teacher must request the VEP class for your student according to our ordering procedures.

2. The school will pay up to $100 per student, per month, for a VEP class selected from our VEP list and ordered by their APL teacher. The school will not pay for any non-contracted classes that your child participates in.

3. If a student and his or her parents elect to participate in a VEP course which has a monthly fee greater than $50 per month, the parent agrees to pay the VEP the difference on a monthly basis. If the VEP informs the school that the parent is not making required monthly co-payments, APL will no longer provide the student with the privilege of attending any VEP class until the VEP notifies the school that the co-pay has been brought current.

4. VEP courses will be available from September through May of each school year, unless the course happens to be shorter than 9 months.

5. Children may attend their first class with a VEP after they get a written start date from their APL teacher. Students will be allowed to start a new course at the beginning of the month following their approval for the course. Newly enrolled students may start a VEP course during the month, but must still wait for the approval from their teacher to begin attending a class.

6. In order to change, drop or add a class, parents must contact their APL teacher first to make sure that the proper notifications are made.

7. The monthly fee for VEP participation may not be split between VEP courses, or may not in any way be redistributed. VEP funds are not banked or saved if they are not used. No student is required to enroll in a VEP course.

8. Students enrolled in a VEP course agree to attend all classes as scheduled. Any student who will be absent from a scheduled class is expected to call the VEP their APL teacher prior to the start of class. The VEP may elect to reschedule a lesson if their schedule allows. The parent is still responsible for the full co-pay each month.

9. If a student misses 3 classes per semester, they lose the privilege of attending VEP courses. Attendance is vital. This privilege may be reinstated at the director’s discretion.