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A brief overview of what APL has to offer

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About APL:

APL provides educational options to serve the learning and developmental needs of individual students and their families who seek choices and greater involvement in the education of their children. Highly qualified teachers work together with parents and students to assess student needs, interests, and learning styles and to plan thoroughly for student academic success through a combination of curriculum choice, small group supplemental intervention at a resource center, internet-based classes, vendor course instruction, and other community-based instructional opportunities.

The Academy of Personalized Learning Highlights:
  • K-12 Public Charter School
  • Personalized Learning Approach
  • Curriculum choice
  • Independent study with support of resource center supplemental intervention/tutoring
  • CD Replication
  • Credentialed Teachers
  • WASC Accredited
  • California Standards Based Instruction
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Shasta College Courses
  • Online Curriculum 


Program Summary:
The Academy of Personalized Learning is organized by parents, community members, and educators as a K-12 California Charter Public School serving families in Shasta County. As a public school, there is no tuition. The Academy of Personalized Learning does not discriminate against any student or employee on the basis of ethnicity, national origin, gender, or disability, and is non-sectarian. A California non-profit corporation, APL is managed by the Academy of Personalized Learning, Inc. Board of Directors, and directly funded by the State of California. The Academy of Personalized Learning is a school of choice.

The mission of the Academy of Personalized Learning is to provide a variety of innovative teaching methods and opportunities for teachers, parents, pupils, and community members to improve pupil learning.

Student success is built upon strong relationships between teachers, students, and their parents. Highly qualified teachers work with students and parents to create the learning program that best serves the needs of each individual child. This Personalized Learning model means offering any combination of materials and instructional methods, such as independent study, resource center supplemental intervention, tutorials, labs, or computer-based courses that best fit the individual student and family situation. It allows for flexible scheduling and greater parental involvement. Teacher, parent, and student meetings are held no less than every 20 school days by law. Communication is key – an on-going dialogue ensures that the most effective strategies are employed for each student.

Families who might find this learning option effective are students whose parents want to be highly involved in the daily learning of their children and want the support of a fully credentialed teacher, or students who have special skills, talents, or interests. Personalized learning may also be suitable for underserved students whose life circumstances prevent them from fully participating in traditional schools, students with learning challenges who could be effectively served in a personalized learning setting.

Coursework supports California State Standards and mandated pupil assessments such as STAR testing. Curriculum emphasizes core academic subjects; English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. An assortment of student electives and enrichment programs support Visual and Performing Arts, Physical Education, Vocational Skills, Technology, and other elective choices.

All staff members are employed directly by the charter school on an “at-will” basis.

The Academy of Personalized Learning will maintain records and documentation of student attendance and performance as mandated by state education code, and will comply with all state and federal fiscal reporting requirements. All board meetings will comply with the Ralph M. Brown Act.

The Academy of Personalized Learning is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. This on-going process fosters an environment of professional evaluation, innovation, improvement, and continued dedication to the families we serve.

The Academy of Personalized Learning is based on a solid working program with a stable teaching staff, steady enrollment, solid API, use of standards-based curriculum, a sound fiscal track record, and a service oriented philosophy.

Here is our Charter.