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Thoughts from Jeff Rice, Founder of A Plus (

Fellow citizens of California. Stand up and fight back now. Your California elected officials are stripping away your freedoms and choices right under your noses and behind your backs. We are seeing the negative consequences of the 2018 election in California being targeted against the very people in California who voted for these elected officials. You need to stand up and fight back for your rights to freedom of choice in public education, health, and many other areas. California elected officials, led by Assemblymembers O'Donnell, McCarty, Bonta, Kalra, and Smith, and Senator Durazo, are selling out to the most powerful education special interest groups in California, becoming their willing accomplices to do their bidding to grant them absolute monopolistic power over consumer public school choices to the complete exclusion of representing the best interests of the people. Join tens of thousands of other alarmed and concerned California citizens and call your Assembly and Senate representatives NOW and demand that they oppose AB 1505, AB 1506, AB 1507, and SB 756.
These ill-conceived bills undermine and sabotage parent and student public school choice by crippling the California public charter school movement. California's public charter schools are the only public school alternative for hundreds of thousands of students for whom a district public school is not a good match for their academic success. Our public school system in California must support a wide variety of both District public school and public charter school choices across all communities to ensure a healthy and accountable public education system and to support the best interests of its consumers, that is, children and their parents. Yet, these bills are both divisive and destructive in nature, and are designed to use public charter schools as scapegoats for all of the fiscal and academic problems that have been created solely by the status quo public education system, one that has failed way too many students for decades (California ranks 46th in the country in academic achievement). Ultimately, these bills will strip away the fundamental rights of parents and students (who are the rightful customers of public education) to choose the public school that best meets their individual needs (whether district or public charter).
Don't believe the extreme propaganda rhetoric and lies that are being circulated to try to demonize public charter schools. Public charter schools stand for choice and opportunity for public education children and parent consumers, and offer hope to hundreds of thousands of children and families who simply need a different choice than what a District public school offers. Please, do your part to stop these extreme bills from moving forward, and demand that your elected officials enact good public policy that always puts the best interests of California's citizens FIRST!