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A Partnership of Parents & Teachers
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The purpose of PCACV's advisory council is to gather input from the vested members of our school community (evenly weighted between staff and families) and use that information to help improve or enhance the school. This includes facilitating community events and other student-body activities, addressing concerns of the families/staff, and creating needed school policies to present to our board of directors.
The council consists of four teachers, one classified staff member, the director, two parents of elementary students, two parents of high school students, and two high school students. PCACV families elect the members (if there are enough volunteers to warrant an election).
Advisory Council meetings are open to the public. If you are interested in attending our meetings, they are posted in advance each month and are shown on the website calendar. If you are interested in serving on the council, please call the PCACV office and let us know.
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