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Vendor Extracurricular Provider ProgramTop of Page

This page provides you with general information about VEP instructors and guidelines.

Our VEP program is designed to supplement core curriculum with extracurricular opportunities. Consult with PCA teachers for more detailed information about specific vendor course instructors. Parents must submit requests for VEP courses to their teacher of record by the stated deadlines, unless the parents pay for the course in full.

Dear PCA Parents and StudentsTop of Page

PCA is very pleased to be able to offer Vendor Extracurricular Provider Programs to your children. In order to provide these programs to all students, we ask that you carefully review the following guidelines and requirements for participation in PCA’s VEP programs. These provisions are designed to ensure that everyone has the same understanding of what is being offered to PCA students, how participation in the program works, and what responsibilities are required of parents and students for continued participation. Please direct any questions regarding the VEP program to your PCA teacher of record, who will be happy to assist you with this program.
1. The school will pay up to $100 per student per month during the school year for a VEP class selected from our approved VEP list. The school will not pay for any non-contracted classes that your child participates in.
2. Parents and students must communicate with their teacher no later than the 25th of the month preceding the month they wish to begin a vendor. This allows the teacher time to submit a purchase order to the vendor so the student may begin classes the first week of the month.
3. If a student and his or her parents/guardians elect to participate in a VEP program that has a monthly fee greater than the allotted amount, the parent agrees to pay the VEP the difference on a monthly basis. If the VEP informs the school that the parent is not making the required monthly copayments, PCA will no longer provide the student with the privilege of attending any VEP program until the vendor notifies the school that the account is reflecting a paid status. PCA supports our vendors and their attempts to collect payment for their services.
4. VEP programs will be available from September through May of each school year.
5. Students will be allowed to start a new program at the beginning of the month following their approval for the program. Newly enrolled students must wait until the first full month after approval. A student may not start a vendor mid-month. PCA may not cover any costs before purchase order approval is given.
6. Registration, insurance, uniforms, and other miscellaneous charges are the responsibility of and are paid by the parents/guardians. PCA pays for the instructional costs only.
7. Students enrolled in a VEP program agree to attend ALL program(s) as scheduled. Any student who will be absent from a scheduled program is expected to call the VEP. The VEP may elect to reschedule a session if their schedule allows.
8. If a student misses three (3) sessions per semester, or more than two (2) lessons per month, they lose the privilege of attending VEP programs for the remainder of the school year.
9. Students participating at area gyms are required to attend at least two (2) times per week if they are in grades K–8, and three (3) times per week for high school students. If students do not attend for the minimum amount of time, they lose the privilege of attending VEP programs for the remainder of the school year.
10. In order to change, drop, or add a program, parents must contact their PCA teacher first to make sure that the proper notifications are made. Students may only change vendors once per semester.
11. The monthly fee for VEP participation may not in any way be redistributed. VEP funds are not banked or saved if they are not used. No student is required to enroll in a VEP program.
12. Students are evaluated at the end of each semester by the vendor and that evaluation will become part of the students assigned semester grade.