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The students of Phoenix Charter Academy College View are offered every possible opportunity to achieve their learning goals.

PCACV offers learning programs that are tailored to the individual needs and interests of each student and provides oversight by highly qualified credentialed teachers. We empower parents and students to exercise choice regarding the curriculum and the style of instruction. To facilitate this, we provide access to a variety of innovative curriculum options and resources. All approved learning programs are designed to adhere to the educational standards of Phoenix Charter Academy College View and the State of California.

Acellus Student Portal

PCACV students have access to Acellus, a web-based learning system that facilitates individualized instruction. Students can progress at their own pace and feel successful as they grasp concepts on their own time schedule. Acellus operates on the philosophy that every student can succeed in learning.

CPS Course Instruction

We believe that extracurricular learning is essential to a student’s education. To offer this as part of our program, we have instituted a Community Partnership Services Program, in which parents and students can select CPS instructors and receive up to $100 per student per month for the duration of the CPS class or school year.

College Resources

A college education provides students with more opportunities for success in their career. On this page, PCACV students will find college readiness resources, scholarship and grant information, and college entrance exam details to help them prepare for college. College is an important choice and, at PCACV, we do everything we can to help students get there.

Student Library

We provide a robust on-site library of educational resources for students. All textbooks and/or resources are loaned to the student and MUST be returned at the end of each school year or semester or at the time specified in the school policy. The library is also accessible online.

Concurrent College Coursework

We are pleased to offer college preparatory coursework in conjunction with Shasta College for college-bound students. With this program, students can attend Shasta College classes and receive both high school and college credits. This enables students to accelerate their educational goals.

Student Web Links

The internet provides a wealth of useful resources for students of different ages, abilities, and learning styles. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of websites that will enhance the PCACV learning experience. Some websites provide a game-based approach while others present subject matter in a different format than the format used by traditional textbooks.