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Phoenix Charter Academy (PCA) is a K–12 independent study homeschool chartered in northern California. PCA provides a voluntary public educational choice for families who want to educate their children in a home environment. We believe that individual differences and the uniqueness of each child are to be supported and celebrated. Our mission is to serve students through personalized learning and to support parental choice in education. We encourage all students to strive for academic excellence.
The mission of PCA is to provide a variety of innovative teaching methods and opportunities for teachers, parents, students, and community members to improve pupil outcomes. Using a variety of learning opportunities and highly trained credentialed staff, we partner with the parent to create a learning path for each individual student.

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Phoenix Charter Academy (PCA) is a publicly funded homeschool program that serves K–12 students in Shasta County and the contiguous counties. PCA provides educational options to serve the learning and developmental needs of individual students and their families who seek choices and greater involvement in the education of their children.

Personalized Learning OrganizationsTop of Page

Personalized learning is important! Students need choice and flexibility in how they learn but not at the expense of quality.