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Classroom-Based Program (5 Days Per Week On Campus)

PCACV’s Classroom-Based Main Program is a five-day-per-week on-campus educational program that provides students a variety of options to meet their personal needs and goals under the direct physical supervision of a credentialed teacher.
All courses are taught by appropriately credentialed teachers who develop a customized curriculum, mentor parents/guardians to support their children’s educations outside of the classroom, and monitor student outcomes. In addition to direct instruction, students may engage in electives, tutoring, remediation, labs, or group projects on-site at PCACV's campus. Students may also pursue Additional Courses, including concurrent enrollment in college courses, as long as any Additional Courses are under the direct physical supervision of a credentialed teacher.
PCACV utilizes these core instructional components in a classroom-based personalized program to fulfill our mission to prepare students for college, work, and citizenship. These components prepare students to complete rigorous college level work that is meaningful and relevant to fulfill each student's personal goals and interests. This tight connection between knowledge and application are fostered through a personalized learning model founded on strong parent/guardian/student/teacher relationships, and under direct physical supervision of a credentialed teacher in the classroom during the entire school day.
Educational options including Additional Courses are available to all students within our classroom-based program, giving each student and parent/guardian the ability to design a program in cooperation with and under the supervision of a credentialed teacher. Each program will provide an education that allows the student to excel academically and socially. High school students who meet specified GPA requirements are able to concurrently enroll and attend community college classes and may earn credit toward their college graduation while simultaneously earning high school credits.

For more information on our Classroom-Based Program, please reach out to our main office with any questions.
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