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Home School Track (Independent Study)

PCACV also provides a second Main Program, a nonclassroom-based independent study and personalized learning educational model for up to 20% of our total student population, to serve the learning and developmental needs of students and families who are seeking individualized services outside of our on-campus Classroom-Based Main Program.
PCACV’s Home School Track provides students with the same individualized learning resources offered to classroom-based students, as described above, but will not be required to attend classes on campus, except as required in an individualized Master Agreement agreed to by the student and their parents/guardians. On the Home School Track, rather than attending classes under the direct physical supervision of a credentialed teacher, student progress is provided outside the classroom, with regular teacher/parent/student meetings.
Additional Courses such as Concurrent College Courses, Robotics Courses, and/or CPS Courses are available within our Home School Track Main Program. Please click the links for more information on each option.
For more information on our Home School Track program, please reach out to our main office with any questions.
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