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Concurrent College Coursework

Shasta College Courses

Shasta College Courses

For PCACV students interested in building college credits

At  PCACV, we believe in encouraging our students to maximize their potential. Concurrent College Coursework, offered at Phoenix Charter Academy College View, is a program that allows students to enroll in Shasta Community College courses without being formally admitted to Shasta Community College. Concurrent college coursework opens the door for future careers and sets students up for success as an adult by offering career training and much more. Many PCACV high school students incorporate carefully chosen courses at Shasta College as part of their high school coursework. Be sure to talk with your PCACV teacher if you would like to explore this option.
Guidelines for Participation

Guidelines for Participation

  • The PCACV teacher/Admin must give approval and the course(s) must further the student's academic goals.
  • PCACV will not pay for parking, health center, or other campus-related fees.
  • Students should be in grades 10 or above and have a minimum GPA of 2.0.
  • The PCACV teacher will provide the student with the required website information and forms as well as  the step-by-step procedures required for participation. We are here to mentor you!
Shasta College Units to High School Credits Conversion

Shasta College Units to High School Credits Conversion

1 unit = 2.5 credits
2 units = 5 credits
3 units = 10 credits
4 units = 12.5 credits
5 units = 15 credits
After completion of a Shasta College course, students must provide a copy of their official Shasta College Transcript/grades to their teacher before credit can be issued.
If a student does not complete a course successfully with a grade C or higher, the student will not be allowed to participate in Shasta College classes the next semester.

For more information about current courses offered at Shasta College, visit the Shasta College website.